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Self in Relation; Peter Philippson (2-Tages-Workshop; mit Übersetzung)


My theme is a field-relational theory of self as the centrepiece of the Gestalt approach. In this approach, self is understood as meaningful only in relation to what is taken as other, and how that other is contacted. The formation of a relatively coherent self-concept is a task, not a given, and can be problematic as well as helpful (when it no longer supports the person’s life-situation). Thus therapy is not an attunement to a self inherent in the client, but an exploration of contacting and awareness; and the therapist’s stance can never truly be seen as neutral. There will be time for theory and discussion and also experiential work.

Der Workshop findet im sphères, Raum68, Hardturmstrasse 66, 8005 Zürich oder online statt. Der Preis beträgt regulär 300 CHF, für Mitglieder und Studierende 270 CHF. Anmeldungen erbeten bis 15.3.2021.

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